CIBPA Niagara Education Awards Program

Every year, five Education Awards, valued at $1,000 each, are bestowed to deserving students of Italian descent residing in the Niagara Region. CIBPA Niagara's Education Award Program aims to provide financial assistance and recognition to prospective, full-time post-secondary students. Since 2002, CIBPA Niagara has raised over $135,000 to help more than 80 local students cope with rising tuition costs at post-secondary institutions across Canada and the United States of America. Many of our recipients have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, educators, and entrepreneurs. Each year, a special Education Awards committee is formed to adjudicate dozens of applications. 

Investing in Niagara's Youth - Securing Canada's Future 
Supporting the academic achievements of young Canadians of Italian heritage is the main purpose of the CIBPA Education Awards Program. It also provides assistance for students who are not of Italian heritage, if they are pursuing curriculum majors in Italian studies. 

The Education Awards Program is managed by the Education Awards Committee of CIBPA Niagara. Applicants for the Education Awards will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
academic merit, financial needs and, community involvement. It is recommended that the applicant submit a letter outlining qualifications, financial needs, and community involvement/employment history. The Education Awards are not necessarily given to the applicant with the highest grade point average. 
The Education Awards are presented by the CIBPA Education Awards Committee every year at our annual Education Awards banquet. For tickets to this banquet, please contact CIBPA Niagara.

As a means of assisting worthy and needy students to attain their educational goals, private individuals and organizations or corporations can make financial contributions to the CIBPA Education Awards Program. The following two options are available for this purpose: Individuals can make a $1,000 contribution to the Program’s General Endowment Fund, or they can establish a Named Fund under their name within the program. Donors at any level may also designate which field of study they wish their donation to go to (i.e., Business, Law, Engineering, Medicine, etc.).